Stan Used Extorted Funds to Buy The Rams in 1995 – It’s Payback Time!

If you or someone you know has suffered financially, emotionally, or in any other way due to the sale of the St. Louis Rams, you may be entitled to compensation. Join our class-action movement to seek justice and hold the responsible parties accountable.



Expose the Truth

In 1995, the beloved St. Louis Rams were sold, a move that sent shockwaves through the community and had lasting impacts on fans and local businesses. If you’ve experienced any of the following, we want to hear your story:

How to Participate

Participation in this class action lawsuit is a stand for your rights and an attempt to rectify the injustices faced by the St. Louis Rams’ fanbase and community members. If you believe you were wronged by the sale, please follow these steps:

    Economic hardship due to the team's relocation

    Emotional distress from the loss of a community asset

    Any financial losses related to the sale or relocation of the team

    Long-term impacts on local business revenue or personal finances

    Why Take Action?

    Taking action is not just about seeking financial compensation—it’s about community, about tradition, and about holding entities accountable when their actions have widespread negative impacts on loyal fans and the local economy.


    Any financial losses related to the sale or relocation of the team

    Your Story Matters

    Every story is a critical piece of the puzzle. Your experiences provide valuable evidence that strengthens our case and brings us one step closer to justice.


      Emotional distress from the loss of a community asset

      Stan Kroenke FBI Investigation


      Why is the Rams sale VOID?

      Stan Kroenke submitted false documents on April 13th 1995 to the N.F.L. Along with bank fraud, bribery of a federal official, and securities fraud.   

      Who is involved in the R.I.C.O.?

      Stand Kroenke, MO Central Bank, Federal Judge Douglass Harpool, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Law Firm Vetter, Doerhoff, and Landwehr   

      What is the financial impact?

      Billions of dollars will be retuned to the people of St. Louis. All MO Central Bank loans will be null and void, relieving thousand of their monthly payments.

      Access the 200 page ‘Smoking Gun’ Criminal Complaint