In this revealing episode for St. Louis Rams fans, we uncover the long-standing operation of Stan Kroenke and Central Bank, which has been proven in court to have functioned without the necessary legal authorizations. This episode sheds light on the operation of a bank without a Missouri incorporated bank charter or a business license, highlighting a significant oversight in financial regulation.

We explore the intricate web of financial dealings involving fake, uninsured F.D.I.C. loans, and how these activities are intricately connected to the relocation of the St. Louis Rams. The episode lays bare the complexities of these financial operations and the impact they have had on the city of St. Louis and its citizens.

We also address the role of government officials in this scenario, examining the evidence that points to their involvement and the consequences of these actions, which appear to be a significant deviation from standard government operations.

This episode is not just an exposé; it is a factual presentation of a major financial and political incident that has impacted St. Louis. We stand with the citizens of St. Louis, bringing to light the facts of this significant scandal.

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